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Marguérite Gérard’s painting, the source of the header image of this blog, may be a lightweight compared to its predecessors from Vermeer and Velázquez, but it is fascinating nonetheless.  The Roman profile of the lute player acknoweldges its Neoclassicist style.  The gazes of the three women do not meet; it is only our gaze that meets the lute player in the painting of the painting.  A beautiful, sloping arc is defined by the eyes of the three women that extends to the right wall where a mirror hangs.  Though it is not central to the work, one is reminded of Parmigianino’s mirror since both are paintings about the act of painting and the reflection that is art.

The plane of the canvas looms large over the painter almost as a memento mori.  The reminder is that the canvas survives the artist.  The discarded flower is certainly a clue that points in this direction.


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